Re Cloth Pool Tables and Repairs to Pool Tables

Do you have an old or well used Pool, Snooker or Billiard Table? Chances are it is well built and all it needs is re clothing or repairing to be just like new, at Astra billiards Australia we have professional fitters who can carry out this work.

We specialise in repairing pool, snooker, billiard tables, we have a history of excellent repairs in the market place, we are also the Australian agent for Brunswick Pool Tables, the world renowned Pool table from the USA which is used in world class Pool championships and we are qualified to work on their tables.

With a range of 35 colours of English cloth we can re cloth,  repair, re-polish, fix cushions, pockets, rubber cushions, re – level, move and install pool tables / snooker / billiard tables to almost anywhere in Melbourne or other districts.

You may have bought or inherited your Pool Table and It may be an antique and need to be fixed in line with the correct traditional methods or it just may be a very good newer table but all repairs we carry out, we guarantee the workmanship.

Snooker table, Pool Tables or Billiard table re clothing off all size tables is done at our Dandenong Showroom. The process usually takes 1 day to complete. However larger tables can take a little longer. Contact our office on (03) 9791-5100 to discuss your Snooker table re clothing or to get advice.

Come in and see our “Pool Table Melbourne” display or call for an appointment as we want to ensure you have our personal assistance from an experienced expert when choosing your table.

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At Astra Billiards we usually take a day for a Pool Table re cloth, repair or to fix damaged tables and generally we come to you and carry out the work on site. If further work is needed we can arrange another visit or have the table brought back to our work shop.