Astra Billiards has manufactured billiard tables of distinction since 1976.

George and Helen Grech alongside his brother Tony and wife Mary were the original pioneers of Astra Billiards.

The Grech family were very proud of the reputation Astra held and continued to strive to manufacture the highest quality billiard table at a reasonable cost. George sought the finest of Hand selected Australian and imported timbers, Imported slate from Italy and Brazil, Highest quality of English cloth from 100% wool, and solid brass fittings imported from India.

All over Australia Astra has become a Home name brand where families have purchased not one but many tables from our company over the years.

George Grech made himself known in the early years of trading when Astra Billiards began opening on a Sunday. Sunday trading was illegal and due to unpaid fines, George Grech was the first shopkeeper to be jailed for trading on a Sunday.

George made front page headlines of the Herald Sun on a number of occasions.

History shows at that time, booksellers were one of the few shops allowed to trade on a Sunday. “George & Helen Grech Booksellers” was born. Helen & George would sell a book for a price of a billiard table and give a billiard table for free with every purchase.

This was continued until Sunday trading became legalised.

Over the years, George & Helen invested in Snooker Rooms (The Golden Triangle) to increase the awareness of the game. George and Helen believed the game helped keep teenagers off the street and brought families together.

Prahran was their first, where the initial permit took over two years to obtain from council. Over the next 10 years over 100 snooker rooms were opened throughout Victoria.

George and Helen pursued in opening three other Rooms in Frankston, Geelong and Dandenong which held many 8 Ball and snooker tournaments.

Astra Billiards Sponsored World Snooker Champions to play in word championships overseas in England, Malta and parts of Europe. Steve Mifsud, Peter Hawkes and Steve Waterer. Quentin Hann played at the Golden Triangle Moomba Classic when he was 18 years of age and has since held the world Billiards and snooker championship in England.

At present “Towers Entertainment Room” in Dandenong is still in operation on the 1st floor of the Astra Billiards building.

Due to the passing of George Grech, Astra Billiards is now operating under new Management. Mr. Rodney Meaker is the new owner of Astra Billiards and like George is very proud to continue with the Astra legacy of quality and Service.

Astra Billiards has continued to grow over the 42 years of business to become one of the most well known products and one of the largest manufactures of Billiard Tables. Astra Billiard tables will continue to be built with precision and made from the Highest quality materials.

Astra Billiards is one the leading manufacturers in Australia and will continue to achieve the quality and precision in every product. Rodney Meaker brings a wealth of experience and will continue to grow the business into the 21st Century.

 Billiard Tables are an investment for the family, not only in spending time together but also in the purchase of a piece of furniture to be passed from generation to generation.

 Where quality and precision is a concern Astra Billiards is always proud to give their customers the quality they deserved.