Custom King George Pool Table 9ft

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The King George Pool Table is offered with the following quality options.

Pool Table Features

  • Solid one piece Slate - 3/4" thick - 7' & 8' Tables or Solid three piece Slate - 9' tables
  • Built in storage Drawer 
  • Crochet net pockets and true leather protectors
  • Highest quality red gum cushion rubbers
  • 4 x 8" turned timber legs with flutes - 7' Table (8' and 9' tables have 6 legs)
  • 4" Brass or Chrome adjustable clustered feet 
  • Fancy Duke Brass or Chrome Bolt through brackets
  • Deep Solid wood veneer frame 
  • Large panels on sub frame with large beading 
  • Decorative timber square leg blocks on frame
  • Extra deep frame, with double blocks above each leg
  • Cricket bat panels
  • Duck nose blocks included on frame
  • Double beading in frame
  • 80/20 English Style Directional Napped cloth available in a wide variety of colors

**Empire rails are available at an additional cost 


Stain options

Table can be sprayed in many variety of colors.  We also color match to existing furniture in your home.

Pool Table sizes

  • 7' x 3'.6"
  • 8' x 4'.0"
  • 9' x 4'.6" 


* Delivery & Installation is an additional charge





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